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Apr. 7th, 2013 04:41 pm
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Are you over 16?: Yep. 17 as of March.
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Character name:
Dale Bartholomew Cooper
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Timeline: Let’s say a year after the show’s cancellation.
Age: He was 37 in the show’s finale, so 38.
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: Dale Cooper has an odd connection to dreams and the supernatural. He frequently sees visions in his dreams that aid in whatever investigation he is currently working on. Through these dreams, he receives clues and other pieces of valuable information. He has also uncovered a unique deductive technique through one dream regarding the plight of the Tibetan people. This technique involves Cooper throwing a rock at a glass bottle. Each rock represents a suspect or a path in the investigation. Whichever rock hits the bottle is the best clue to investigate. This method has helped Cooper solve numerous cases.

He is also incredibly observant, picking up details the average human could not. He finds it ridiculously easy to tell if people are in a secret relationship or if one person has a crush on another. He also has impeccable skills with a gun.

How would they use their abilities?: As an FBI agent, Dale Cooper is a strong believer in the law. He only uses his abilities if it captures criminals and helps people around him.

Appearance: A smiling Dale Cooper

Background/Personality: Dale Cooper is a very introspective person. He harbors a profound interest for the supernatural and mystical arts. He has mainly focused his studies on the Tibetan people, who he feels a great sympathy towards. His obsession with Tibet began with a deeply moving dream he saw three years before his arrival in Twin Peaks. It is heavily implied that this dream sparked his strange deductive techniques. He uses this method regularly in his job as an FBI agent.

Cooper has lived in the city for most of his adult life. Due to this, he is quickly enamored by simplistic styles usually found in small towns. He frequently expresses his love for “coffee as black as a moonless night” and particularly good pastries.

Despite his occasional city mouse tendencies, Cooper is absurdly nice and polite to everyone he meets. His first meeting with Sheriff Harry Truman starts with him politely telling the sheriff that the case is FBI jurisdiction and that he expects full cooperation. The two quickly becomes best friends. He does, however, come off as a little stand-offish when dealing with a few suspects or when he hasn’t gotten enough sleep.

While he does show occasional attraction to a few women, he has a strict policy when dealing with women involved in a case. This traces back to an FBI case involving his partner Windom Earle’s psychotic episodes. Cooper was having an affair with Caroline Earle, Windom’s wife. Caroline was a key witness in a federal crime, and Cooper was assigned to protect her. Things went downhill when Windom killed Caroline. Cooper was devastated, and would later refer to her as the love of his life. He swore to never again get involved with someone who was part of one of his cases.

His other odd mannerisms include reporting his surroundings to a cassette player, which he sends to his secretary Diane.

The following Background information contains spoilers and head-canon:

In the series finale, Cooper’s was imprisoned in “The Black Lodge” and his body was stolen by Killer BOB. He spent a year within the cabin until the world’s destruction. His soul and body managed to reach one another before his arrival on the Thor. Because of this, he will exhibit a fear and distaste for people with the ability to possess others.

The year/years he spent in the Lodge didn't have a great effect on his mind. He's a little loopier than usual and it's slightly harder for him to socialize. He's still friendly old, spiritual Cooper, but he has a little more trouble recognizing certain social signs. Most notably, his stance on secrets has changed. While he still believes secrets are dangerous, and prefers not to keep them, he also knows BOB is dangerous. He'd prefer to not bring that up in conversation, though he might mention it if someone pushed for info. He's still open about his past besides BOB, willing to discuss his affair with Caroline and his partner's insanity.

Killer BOB (which stands for "Beware Of Bob) is the embodiment of all that is evil. He usually resides in "The Black Lodge," a realm of evil where demonic entities such as BOB reside. He has the ability to possess the bodies of humans and occasionally takes the form of an owl. When Leland Palmer was a young boy, BOB took over his body, something he would repeat of the entire course of Leland's life. BOB used Leland to rape and kill Leland's daughter and niece, which led to the arrival of Dale Cooper. Using Cooper's body, he undoubtably planned on causing as much chaos as he could. He is a unrepentant psychopath through in through.

Have you read up on how the game works?:
Plug-in: FlamingFerret
Money: Missions, Freelance, or mooching

1st person sample: Dear_Mun Thread

3rd person sample:

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper was floating.

He wasn’t exactly sure where he was at the time. He couldn’t really remember how he ended up... wherever here was. It mainly seemed to be some kind of void. He could tell he wasn’t dreaming. Dreams usually gave him something to work with. Something to understand. All he knew now is that he was floating.

It was alright, as far as floating goes. Nothing particularly special, just... floating. Every now and then he felt like he had almost reached wherever he was floating to, only to just miss it.

He could really go for some coffee right now. What was it he told the sheriff? Ah yes. “Give yourself a present every day.” For him, coffee was that present. Also cherry pie. There wasn’t exactly an abundance of cherry pie or coffee in the Lodge. There was coffee, but it was more like goo than anything else. Not very good stuff.

Suddenly, he felt himself jerked toward the opposite direction. Something was pulling him away from the void toward a strange light. And then he opened his eyes.

The first thing he realized was that he was alive. That was nice. Once he was sitting upright he noticed a few other things. His gun was holstered at his side. He was wearing his usual suit and red tie. Cassette was still in his coat pocket.

Also, alive. That was nice.

Finally, he got a good look at his surroundings. It almost looked like... the DMV? And what were those strange creatures manning the desks?


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